Nature Diving in Fjord Norway

When one thinks of ocean diving, places like the Caribbean or the South Pacific, popular warm water dive locations, come to mind. Here, there are beautiful coral reefs, full of colorful fish, big creatures, and small delights. While warm water diving is always nice, there is still so much of the ocean that can be dived, if only you're willing to deal with the cold. Norway was one such place. 

The house reef of the dive resort we visited in May had all the makings of a great dive site - kelp forests, interesting walls, and was full of life. We swam through groups of jelly fish, saw fish - both big and small - and hunted out tons of nudibranchs. Aaron LOVES to find these colorful sea slugs and photograph them. I have to say, they are beautiful and the hunt to find them is fun.

The natural dives we did in Norway were all pretty similar, so I won't bore you with all the details of each dive. Instead, I'll just let you look at all the pretty pictures from them - including some impressive nudibranchs!