Life Lately

Wow guys, it's been a while! Over two months now. I promise, I didn't forget about the blog, or you, we've just been busy. Back in June, we found out that we were moving to Texas and it has been a whirlwind since then.  But, now that we are getting settled, the computers are unpacked (which means I have pictures now!), things should start to return to normal on the blog here.

We tried to fit in some last minute travel that I still have to blog about(!!) and which included a road trip in northern Italy, a long weekend in Croatia, a house hunting trip and, of course, our final move. We loved Italy and I can't wait to tell you all about it. We started off by spending a night in Austria and then drove through the Dolomites, down to Venice, over to Tuscany, and up through Milan and Switzerland before returning home. We stayed in some amazing places, did some pretty memorable stuff, and just really enjoyed seeing Italy.

In Croatia, we did some diving in the Adriatic while we relaxed in Bol, a cute little town on the island of Brac. I see now why people rave about Croatia! It's beautiful, the waters are the most amazing shade of blue (albeit a little cold) and the people are super friendly.

In July, we headed to Texas for a week to try to find a house. After looking at about 15, we found one that we liked enough to put an offer in on. While not our dream house, the location was good and we didn't have the luxury of waiting. It has some nice features, but it will take some time to make it our own. More on the house later :)

Moving back to not only the US, but Texas, has been quite the adjustment for this northern girl. When we moved, the weather was 95F with about 85% humidity every. single. day. Thankfully, everywhere here, unlike Germany, has air conditioning. I think I would have died otherwise. We have been trying to meet people and make friends in our new hometown, and being able to speak English to do so has been nice. They talk about reverse culture shock when expats return home, but we have found it's simply normal culture shock for these Michiganders. The south is a whole different ball of wax!  

So, in a nutshell, that's what we've been up to. Keep an eye out here for more posts about some more stuff we did in Norway (I honestly can't believe I haven't shared it all yet!), a couple of things from when we visited Prague, and everything from Italy and Croatia. I have so much material to blog about and share with you all! Thanks for sticking with us through this transition :)