Before moving to Germany, we compiled a list of stuff we wanted to see and do while we were there. Of course the list continued to grow and we fell far short of actually doing it all. But isn't that kind of the point? Keep exploring, keep traveling, keep EXPERIENCING.

Now that we are back in Texas, we are excited to start experiencing the south, a place we have never been, let alone lived, before. Below is a list of bucket-list worthy items. Some are diving, some are for Europe, and some are for the US. At the end is a section of the bucket list items that we've completed and links to the posts about them. If you think we are missing something, let us know! We will probably add it :) This list is constantly growing and evolving so be sure to check back often for updates!

To see the original list we compiled, look here.


Scuba Diving Bucket List

  • Athens, Greece - ancient shipwrecks anyone?

  • Naturagart, an underwater playground

  • Visit the Fourth Element factory in Cornwall, England

  • Rummu Lake in Estonia

  • Red Sea in Egypt

  • North Sea shipwreck diving

  • Y-40 Deep Joy, world's deepest pool in Italy

  • Dive the beaches of Normandy

  • Narvik, Norway for more shipwreck diving in the fjords

  • Dyk leif, Sweden Nature Diving with a crawfish dinner afterwards

  • Million Dollar Point Vanuatu

  • B-29 Plane crash Lake Mead

  • Jellyfish Lake Palau

  • Dive in a Missile Silo

  • Kreidesee, Hemmor, Germany

  • Dive in the Cenotes of Mexico

  • Antactica

  • Dive all 7 continents - 3 down, 4 to go!


World Bucket List

  • Spend the night in a castle

  • Visit the Monastery of Jasna Góra where the icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa hangs

  • See the Ghent Altarpiece and the Brüge Madonna

  • Leiden, The Netherlands: Miniature City

  • Lourdes, France: Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine

  • Visit Monaco during the Grand Prix

  • Visit Zagreb and Dubrovnik in Croatia and Plitvice Lakes

  • Visit Finland (probably Helsinki, but we are open to suggestions)

  • Visit the Largest Ice Caves in the world, Austria

  • See St. Basel’s Cathedral in the Red Square of Moscow

  • Go on a Safari

  • Ski the Alps

  • Tour Count Dracula’s Castle in Romania

  • Visit the baths in Budapest

  • Go hiking in the Falkland Islands


North America Bucket List

  • Visit - and remember - the Alamo

  • Experience Austin Night Life

  • Go Deep Sea Fishing

  • Go spearfishing in the Gulf of Mexico

  • Visit the Carlsbad Caves

  • Visit Big Ben National Park

  • See Glacier National Park before it all melts

  • Wander the French Quarter of New Orleans eating Beignets and Muffalettas

  • Walk the sea walk at Galveston

  • Visit our friendly neighbors to the north in Montreal and Quebec City


Check! Things We've Done