Kayaking on Lake Superior

When we were in the UP, someone had taken the initiative and organized a kayaking tour for those interested. Of course I was all over this - kayaking, Lake Superior, no cell service, what could be better?! Our morning started off with a hearty breakfast at probably the best breakfast place in town - Soumi bakery. They serve an assortment of eggs, omelettes, and quite a big variety of Finnish specialities, Pannukakku and Nisu being two of their most popular. We then hopped in the car for the hour ride to the end of the Earth. Well, it feels like the end of the Earth. Fun fact, Copper Harbor is the city farthest from a major highway in the lower US (no one can compete with Alaska). How's THAT for off the beaten path?!

So yea, back to the point. We went kayaking. First, we had to be outfitted in wet suits and life jackets. And this is the point in which I realized that my belly had kind of popped. I put on a wetsuit that I thought would fit me, but I quickly realized it didn't. So I had to go up a size. We were then given some quick instruction on paddling and the set up of the kayaks. And of course, hijinks ensued while we were waiting.

I think this is one of the best photo bombs ever

She hates getting her picture taken :)

AST'S before kayaking!

learning to paddle

modeling the current season of spray skirts

It was then time to get the boats into the water. I had forgotten just how cold Lake Superior is. But, then again, I am usually in a dry suit. So there we were in the boats, paddling away. The sun had risen, but it wasn't very warm yet, which made for the perfect paddle. We went around the harbor a bit and then out on to the ''Big Lake'' for a few minutes and then headed back.

If I can't be under the water right now, the next best thing is to be on top of it. And one of the best ways is in a kayak. So quiet, so peaceful, so relaxing. Add in the fresh, clean water of Lake Superior and the crisp, pine-scented air of the UP, and it's pretty much paradise.

Of course, not everyone was quite as at peace :) A couple were nursing some serious hang overs from the night before, a stark reminder that none of us are college students any more. I hear there may have even been some fish feeding going on, but there is no photo evidence to prove it.

If you're in the UP, and Copper Harbor specifically, check out Keweenaw Adventure Company. They rent mountain bikes, single kayaks and double kayaks and offer everything from half day tours to multiple day trips. An added bonus are the reasonable prices and the super friendly guides!