Settling In

We've found the grocery store, where to buy household items, I've signed up for a discount card with a local group of stores, and I've even managed to mail a couple of things.  I'm beginning to understand more spoken German, so I don't look like as much of an idiot when people in shops ask me a question, or wish me a "Schon Tag!" (responding is a different story though).  The cat has arrived in Germany ....

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New Apartment!

You ready for it?  


No, really are you ready for it?


Want to see our new home?

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House Hunters International - Submerged Oaks Edition

On Monday, we met with our local relocation expert to look at possible apartments in Mannheim.  We had a couple of requirements: a minimum size (approximately 70 square meters), close to the train station or tram stop, already had a fully fitted kitchen, three rooms (not necessarily bedrooms - more on this in a minute), and allowed cats.  BASF gives us a stipend to work with and we can either rent a fully furnished apartment, or an unfurnished

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