Postcards from Portugal

I know I haven't written much about Portugal and I really should. The country was beautiful, the food is amazing, the wine is cheap AND delicious in a way only Europeans can do, and the week we spent there was perfect. But, since that trip was over a year ago, some of the details have been lost to time. That's another reason I blog about all our trips  - so that I can remember small details that may otherwise be forgotten. But alas, this one has slipped away from me. I will try to get a few posts published about the more notable parts of our trip, but Portugal is far too beautiful a country to let these pictures sit on a hard drive somewhere. So my loss is your gain. A post light on words, but full of pretty pictures. Going through these to choose the best ones has made one thing painfully clear to me - I need to go back to Portugal. 


caves at fatima

Port Wine barrels; Porto

Port wine barrels stacked three high; Porto

Church of Saint Ildefonso, POrto

Vines, Clothesline, and Tile; POrto


Sidewalk Flowers; Porto

Tile Wall at the Train station; Porto

Algarve Coast; lagos

Stairs to the Beach; Lagos

Algarve Coast; Lagos

Fisherman of the Algarve; Lagos

Surfers; Aljezur

Wild Succulents; Aljezur

Pena Palace; Sintra

Pena Palace; Sintra

Market Fresh; Lisbon

Belem tower; Lisbon

Line 28 Tram; Lisbon

I hope you enjoyed browsing through this pictures and that they have helped convince you that a trip to this small, beautiful, welcoming country is well worth it! One thing is for sure, I'm on the hunt for cheap airfare to Portugal again.