The Czech Beer Festival

One of the coolest ways to get to know a city is to partake in it's local festivals. In the summer, this isn't all that hard. Germany has festivals happening literally every single weekend. When we were planning our long weekend to Prague, I discovered that we would be there for the last weekend of the Czech Beer Festival. Of course we had to go. Turns out, that was a fantastic decision! Evelyn thought so too.


For two weeks in May every year, tents are erected in a park on the north side of Prague. In these tents, craft beer producers from all over Czech come to pour their brews. Some have their own stalls, others are part of larger stations that pour upwards of 10 different beers. When you enter, you get a card preloaded with money that you use to purchase your beverage of choice. Prices ranged from 45 to 80 Czech crown. At the current exchange rate, this comes out to be about $1.75 to $3 for a beer. And it's GOOD beer.

While we were there, a storm rolled in. Thunder. Lightning. Wind. Rain. It was awesome! We were sitting in an area that had a clear tent, so we got to sit "outside" without getting wet. Germany rarely gets thunderstorms, and Aaron and I both love them, so it was pretty cool to sit there drinking craft Czech beer while it blew over.

We went to the festival in the afternoon on the last day it was open and I was expecting it to be much busier than it was. As a result, it ended up being a very child-friendly endeavor. Evelyn isn't showing a whole lot of interest yet in food, but she almost always grabs for our beers. And like all good parents, we let her try some. Kidding. We just let her lick the rim of the glass, but she loved it. And so did everyone sitting around us. It made for some super cute pictures too :)

Evelyn thought our idea to go to the beer festival was a good one :)

Want to visit the festival yourself? Plan a trip to Prague for the second half of May and it's a pretty good bet that you'll be there for it.