Going Home

Tomorrow morning, we load up our small Audi rental car with 4 giant suitcases and carry on's to head to the airport, where will will board a Delta flight bound for Detroit, Michigan. To say we are excited is the understatement of the century. Just over a year ago, we were going though this same process, but in reverse - boarding a plane bound for Frankfurt. We are headed back for our ''long'' vacation this year: two weeks in the beautiful, glorious, water-surrounded, family and friends filled, state of Michigan. Eek! So excited!


This will be our first time back in Michigan together in over a year, and we have a busy schedule already planned - a baby shower, dentist appointments, college reunions, a baptism appointment, dinner dates, and, of course, spending lots of time with family and friends. Another item high on our agenda: gorge ourselves with all the American food we can handle! Some of the things on our list that we can't get here include Taco Bell, Mexican, Buddy's pizza, pasties from the UP, Olga's, and craft beer for Aaron and root beer for me. Since we will also be there after the US Labor Day holiday, which is the unofficial start of Fall, I'm really hoping that the pumpkin spice lattes make their annual appearance. The Germans know pumpkins (you'll find pumpkin everything in the fall), but they have yet to discover the joy that is pumpkin spice. 

I want to say something profound and deeply moving about going home after living abroad for a year, but in reality, I'm giddier than a schoolgirl about all of this. I'm trying to brace myself for the changes that I know have happened in the last year, and what those changes mean. After all, the world didn't stop when we moved. A year is relatively short time, but so much can (and has) happen.

We are all checked in for our flight, the boarding passes area printed, and the parking is arranged. The only things left to do are finish packing and pick up the apartment. Right now, the only thing on our minds is getting back to Michigan, getting back home. Now, let's just hope for a safe and uneventful flight. Aufwiedersehen Deutschland! Hello Michigan!