Big News!

I feel like I've been slacking on the blog a bit the last couple of weeks. And with our traveling. We have spent most weekends in June and July at home. It feels like I just haven't had the energy to plan weekend trips. At first, we were recovering from our crazy busy April and May, but then July came, and all I wanted to do was sit at home, go to the Saturday markets in Mannheim, binge watch X-Files all day on Sundays, try to stay as cool as possible (we have had incredible heat waves here lately), and do some hobbies around the apartment.

But, back to the point of this post. Aaron and I have some BIG news to share with you all. We are getting a new dive buddy come the end of January 2016!

Yup, I'm preggers. 13 weeks today to be exact. And this means a whole host of things. The biggest (well, I guess second biggest, I guess the actual baby is the biggest) being is that I am out of the water until after this baby is born. I won't lie, it kind of sucks, but 'they' tell me it's all worth it in the end. This means that any diving posts will be limited to Aaron's experiences, and that he will have to find a new dive buddy in the meantime. I am glad that we got to do some of our bucket list diving in May. I would have been seriously bummed if I had missed Iceland and Grünersee.

This also means that I will be becoming intimately familiar with the German medical system, which is quite different from the US medial system. For one, they do an ultrasound at every appointment. As such, we have already ''seen'' our baby twice! Which, not gonna lie, is pretty awesome. During the last one, the little acorn was kicking away! I can't wait until I can start feeling those kicks :)

All babies here are delivered by a midwife too, unless there is a problem (then the doctor steps in), which is a rarity in the States. Pregnancy here is also treated more like a normal part of life instead of a disease. When I asked if there was anything I shouldn't do (I run, lift weights, enjoy the occasional sauna), my doctor pretty much said nope and to keep on doing what I'm doing. I've been warned to not change the kitty litter without gloves, and to wash produce to reduce the risk of toxoplasmosis, but in general, the restrictions here are pretty minimal compared to the States. 

Thankfully, I breezed though the first trimester with only the barest hints of nausea and absolutely no vomiting (which is good, I can't stand vomiting, but, really, who can?). I was pretty tired though. Some afternoons were nearly impossible to get through. The whole growing a baby thing is kind of hard work. There isn't a bump yet, but I do just kind of feel fat, and some of my clothes are fitting a little different.

Aaron and I are both incredibly excited to start this new chapter in our lives! We will still continue to travel (until it becomes too uncomfortable for me to do so). In fact, we are headed to Barcelona next weekend (tips on things to do are appreciated!). 

Hope you all have a nice weekend! We're about to search out some air condition at Ikea since the Germans don't generally believe in this gift from the HVAC gods and the temperature is in the upper 90s today. Perhaps tomorrow we will try to stay cool at one of the local pools.