Krakow - A Photo Diary

Over the course of our long weekend, we were able to explore a lot of Krakow, especially the old town. Our hotel gave us some really good recommendations of places to eat, and where to get the best Pierogi. And on our last morning there, we decided to do one of the free walking tours that are offered. We chose this company since they offer a lot of different tours, and at really convenient times. We also checked out a local flea market and many of the local shops. So, instead of writing a bunch of words about what we did, where we ate, and what we saw, I'm just going to post a bunch of pictures. Think of it as travel porn - cause Krakow is absolutely beautiful and one place I would definitely recommend visiting! 

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There are tons of carriages in the main square that offer tours of the old city.

Carriage rides around the old town, drawn by traditionally decorated horses.

We attended mass on Sunday evening in St. Mary's Basilica. It was all in Polish, but thankfully, the Catholic mass is pretty standard world wide :)

St. Mary's basilica - a trumpeter plays from the taller tower, each hour, throughout the day and night

Inside of St. Mary's. It was stunning

Altar piece at St. Mary'S.

Pope John Paul II was born not too far from Krakow (you can even take a tour of his childhood home) and spent a lot of time in Poland. As a result, there are paintings of him on nearly every corner, and almost as many statues.


St. John Paul II was born and lived not far from Krakow, and Poland has a strong Catholic tradition, so his likeness is everywhere.


One of the absolute BEST places in the old town to eat Pierogi (try the spinach and Russian style), however, neither of us can attest to the quality of the Polish vodka. It's not far from the main square either and is easy to find.

Fantastic place to eat Pierogi!

The main square at night. I love seeing old buildings all lit up - they're so pretty!

Main square at night

Mustangs are a very popular car in Europe. They are not (currently) manufactured here, so all of them have been imported from the US. In fact, there are Mustang clubs all around the world and Europe has some of the largest chapters!

Europeans have a love affair with the mustang. 

Mmmm, Paczki. This place is just a few doors down from the Pierogi place. They make a great breakfast, dessert, or snack any time of the day :)

Paczki. 'nough said.

U Babci Maliny - Like Grandma's Kitchen. Tasty Polish restaurant in the Old Town

Quick bump picture on the staircase up to our room at the Tango House B&B. Check them out for a place to stay that is right next to the main square, but still quiet.


Staircase (and my bump) to our room at the Tango House B&B.


The daily flea market at Hala Targowa is a short walk away from the old town. Here, you can purchase everything from shoes, clothes, Polish pottery, and paintings, to house hold appliances, antiques, and even memorabilia from World War II and the Communist era. It's actually pretty fascinating!

Some finds at the Hala Targowa Flea Market. You could buy everything from shoes, clothes and household items to World War II and Communist Era items.

I'm going to call these Polish Pretzels. Not exactly, but close enough, and we found them Everywhere!

So of course we had to try one!

Old men dressed in traditional polish costumes that played music each day at one of the city gates

I hope some of these pictures gave you a bit of wanderlust for the city :) Krakow is honestly one of the best city breaks we have done and I would recommend it to anyone. And if you want some ideas of things to do in and around Krakow, check out this post, this post, and this post for some ideas!

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