New Look, Same Stuff

Well hello and Happy Friday!  If you're reading this in a browser, you may have noticed something different.  Submerged Oaks has gotten a little bit of a make-over!  Aaron and I both felt that the old design was ok, but we thought we could do better.  It started with a change in color pallet and snowballed from there.  There were a lot of changes behind the scene that we had to figure out, but we like the new look and layout much better.

We use Squarespace to host the blog and it's been working pretty darn good.  It's pretty easy to design a good looking website with all the different templates that they have available.  Previously we were using the Avenue template, which worked well.  But playing around with other templates, we came across Five (which I have since come to discover is the most popular, for good reason).  The new template has given us a little more design control over the site and if there is something custom that I want to change, there is a wealth of information on the interwebs for CSS newbies like me.

Now I'm not saying that I'm a wizard at this stuff, or even a fantastic graphic designer, but I am pretty happy with the new look.  As a bonus (?) I got to dabble a little bit more in CSS and learned some incredibly basic Photoshop skills (just enough to make the logo with a transparent background, which actually works great).

And now, because I'm sure you're bored and/or could not care any less about it, here are some pictures of our cat.  Everyone loves some cat pictures!