Quarry Diving

Last Saturday, after our German language class and German culture class, we were mentally taxed.  What to do to remedy it?  Go diving!  Isn't that the answer for everything?!  Well, I guess it may not be for some (although it should be).  And the best part of diving this weekend?  We got to dive with Jill, a friend of ours that had to be dry (i.e. she couldn't dive) for the past two month!  It was awesome!  We joked that there were two groups there to dive this weekend - the Windsor Skin and Dive Club from Canada and the  "I want to dive with Jill" group.  The "I want to dive with Jill" group was bigger :)

Visibility this weekend at the quarry was poor, at best.  Above 20 feet - beautiful.  Below that, we were lucky with 5 feet of viz.  And when you are diving with a group, trying to keep everyone (somewhat) together, the limited visibility is difficult.  At one point, I turned around to check on the rest of the group and when I turned back, Aaron was gone.  Poof.  Great.  Time to surface and look for his bubbles - only to discover that he was less than 10 feet from me.

Our first dive took us to the crusher pit, which was dark.  And when holes/pits are dark, they look about twice as big.  There were five of us in there, the visibility was terrible and only one of us thought to bring a dive light.  Needless to say, we didn't stay long.  All in all though, it was a nice, easy dive.

We started the second dive of the day under cloudy skies.  We then headed over to the middle platform to retrieve some lift bags.  Filling lift bags under water is pretty easy.  Emptying them, not so much.  Especially when their dump valves aren't functioning well.  After grabbing them, we headed back to the wall and surfaced.  And when we surface, the sun had come out!  While the day started out as low 60s and rainy, it finished mid 70s and sunny and beautiful!  We called it a day after two dives (I was game for another, but grabbing food was too appealing).

All in all, it was a nice, relaxing day for diving :)  Any one else spending a relaxing day in, on or near the water?