Eastern Market

This past Saturday, Aaron and I woke up early and went down to Eastern Market, a farmers market in downtown Detroit.  However, It's more than just a farmers market ... it's an experience.  There are food trucks, flower peddlers, butchers, nurseries and a TON of good people watching.  I think one of the best parts of the Market though is that most vendors, if not all, accept Bridge Card funds which allows people on food assistance programs to be able to buy fresh, wholesome produce.  So much healthier than a lot of the processed food found in most grocery stores.

Whenever we are there, we always pick up a bag of mixed greens from Brother Nature.  They grow all of their greens in Detroit and are chemical free.  Seriously, you don't even need salad dressing, it's THAT good.

One of my favorite parts from the day was all the Easter lilies.  There were literally thousands of them.  There were other spring blooms for sale too - daffodils, hyacinth, tulips - and their smell was heavenly.  For reals.  I think hyacinth is the best smell in the world.  Well, as far as spring flowers go.

Surrounding the market are a number of local businesses - restaurants, wine shops, butchers, fishmongers, you name it, there's probably a shop that sells it.

We spent a few hour wandering around the market, grabbing some produce for the week and an Easter lily to take to my grandmother the next day.  We then headed over to Bucharest Grill near Comerica Park for some lunch.  If you're in town for a Tiger's game, make sure you check out Bucharest.  Best. Schwarma. Ever.  The little bar next door has some really good Michigan beers on tap and you can order food from Bucharest right through them.  It really is a pretty cool deal.  And it's pretty cheap.  Can't beat that!

What were you all up to this weekend?  Anyone visiting their local farmers market?

P.S.  To see all the pictures we took this weekend, click through the gallery below!