Kershaw Half-Ton Review

Well, looks like I lost another soldier.  TSA grabbed another one of my wonderful Kershaw knives.  I have begun buying these in bulk as I somehow forget to remove these from my carry on luggage.  So while this is on my mind, I will post a little review.  

Kershaw Half-Ton 1445

Kershaw Half-Ton 1445

The Kershaw Half Ton 1445 knife has been a great, cost effective knife.  The blade is made from 8CR13MOV steel which holds a great edge.  The body is a textured plastic material with a lanyard hole, and some nice rubber pads.  The knife locks back very firmly, with no fear of it slipping while open and cutting open your newest toy from Newegg.   While haven't been able to hold on to one long enough to sharpen this steel, but from what I have read from other reviewers is that it sharpens easily and takes an edge very well.  The Kershaw website does not list this item, but Amazon does for the time being.  

The above picture is not mine, it was taken from the Amazon website.  This is new territory for me, so I may have to take my own picture for this...

In summary, I would recommend this knife as a great Every Day Carry that works excellently as a tool to open and cut things.