Aaron and Meghan both dive very similar gear (it helps Aaron answer Meghan's questions because she doesn't like to read the manuals).  Below is a list of the gear we typically use, and the the specialty stuff we take on certain dives with us.  

Exposure Protection

When diving dry, we both dive White Fusion Tech dry suits.  We got them in May of 2013 and have put over 50 dives on them so far (probably more, I'd have to count).  They are great suits and the learning curve on them is essentially flat.  The front zip is nice and makes self-donning easy (except for that last 1 inch of zipper which is difficult to get on your own, or maybe I'm just not that flexible).  

For undergarments, we use a layered system.  In cold water, we double up and use both the Fourth Element Xerotherm and the Arctic lines.  The two piece design is easy to don and affords us quite a bit of flexibility in our layering (not to mention it makes going to the bathroom in between dives so much easier, especially for Meghan).  Meghan often uses an Under Armor Cold Gear top and some Cuddle Dud bottoms as a base layer.  Occasionally, Aaron also adds the Fourth Element Ozone pants and jacket over the Artic and Xerotherm layers.  He says it keeps him really warm.  Meghan uses an argon system to help stay even warmer in really cold water.

Regulators and Computers

Both of us dive Aqualung Legend regulators and Shearwater Petrel computers.  The regs have served us well - both in warm and cold water.  We have only had free flow issues when a) they sit outside for a while and get cold before jumping in, or b) they are over-breathed.  Thankfully, we found that putting some warm water int he second stage can help to alleviate this issue.  

The computers are newer and we are still getting used to them, but so far we love them.  The Petrel is designed as a technical diving computer, but it has a recreational mode (which we use since neither of us are tech certified yet and would like to not kill ourselves).  It allows for gas changes on the fly, which is great when you remember you forgot to set your nitrox mixture, once you reach the bottom .  It also has blue tooth and a smart phone app to make uploading your dive log easy.  They are not air-integrated (yet), so we are using our old dive computers (Suunto Cobras) in gauge mode to monitor our air pressure.  There are a lot of other features on it that we are still figuring out, but if you want to know more, please visit their website.

Buoyancy Compensator Devices (BCDs)

Meghan is currently diving an Aqualung Libra.  It's a back inflate BC and while it is great over a wetsuit, it is a little small to fit over a dry suit.  Research is currently underway to determine a better drysuit BC.

Aaron is diving also diving an Aqualung BC.  His model is the Axiom and it is a wrap-around.  He is also looking into a new back plate and wing system.  While the Axiom is good for warm water, tropical diving, cold water wreck diving requires a BCD that is a little more technical in nature.

After doing some research, and fighting an ineffective battle against The Want, we have both decided that we want to get a Hollis backplate and wing system.  The model currently in the lead is the HTS 2.  Now we just need to get the funds together.

Miscellaneous Gear

Masks, snorkels and fins are changing constantly.  We both have different fins for when we dive wet and dry; same deal with boots.  The important part is to get stuff that fits and is comfortable.

When we dive the river, we also take a river tool (essentially a tricked-out crow bar) and a canvas goodie bag with three double-ended clips (two to attach to your BC, the third to keep it open).  When wreck diving we add a wreck reel and a light.