It's no secret that we love to dive.  If you've been following us, you already know that.  Cold water.  Warm water.  Fresh water.  Salt water.  Rivers.  Lakes.  Oceans. Quarries. Ponds.  If it's a body of water, you can bet that we want to see whats under the surface.  And with more than 70% of the world being covered by water, that's a lot to explore!

If you want to learn more about this sport that we love, click through the links below.  

Agencies we are certified under:                       

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors - Advanced Open Water, a number of specialties, and Rescue Diver)  

SSI    (Scuba Schools International - Open Water)

GUE  (Global Underwater Explorers - Fundamentals, Aaron only)

Dive Services We Use and Recommend:         

  • Diver's Incorporated - Our preferred dive shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan     
  • Deep Blue Adventures - Travel agency specializing in dive travel; they can book just about anything you want!          
  • Shipwreck Tours - shipwreck tours for both divers and non-divers in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Munising to be exact)
  • Isle Royale Charters - charter company we did our Isle Royale Liveaboard with.  They were fantastic!
  • Atlantis Dive Resorts - Dive resort we stayed at in the Philippines
  • Deep Stop - The dive shop we visit in Schwetzingen, Germany (they have both English and German versions of their website)

If you want to see how we dive, click here to see all the blog posts about scuba diving.

And if you want to see what we dive, click here


None of these are affiliate links.  We just wanted to share some of the experiences we've had with the different companies and recommend the ones we like.