We are Aaron and Meghan Oaks, a young couple that lived for two years as expats in Germany and explored Europe. Now we're "repats" making our life in Texas. 

Our mission is to inspire the traveler that only has a limited amount of time in a location, giving them options to both see the best sights, and have the local experience.

Submerged Oaks was started as a way to keep friends and family in the United States up to date on our adventures. Since then, we have found that we have becoming experts in planning, and taking, short trips. Instead of the big, multiple week or month long vacations that many travelers envision, we like to take shorter, 3 or 4 day trips, to places. We feel that this amount of time allows us to fully immerse ourselves in a small portion of a culture, to fully explore it, while also maintaining our day jobs and not getting burned out on travel. Traveling in this way, we have visited 11 countries, and are continuing to add to that list! 

In addition to exploring other European countries, we make the time to explore our new country of residence - Germany. We have take over 10 short trips to many places in Germany, some well-known by travelers, but many unknown locations that are off the beaten track.

We make sure to post about what it's like to live as expats, too. From lessons we have learned, local habits and customs we have adopted, and even funny cultural clashes, we share it all. Moving from one culture to another is tough, and we want to share our experience with others who may be contemplating a big move.

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